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Dr. Jitendra Tate

Dr. Jitendra Tate, associate professor of manufacturing engineering, has established safe handling practices for industrial and engineered nanoparticles in his research and teaching, dealing with advanced polymer nanocomposites. Dr. Tate is a mechanical engineer by training and has more than 20 years of academic experience.

His research areas include developing manufacturing, and characterization of high-performance polymer thermoplastics and thermoset nanocomposites for Thermal Protection Systems (TPS), rocket ablatives, fire-retardant interior structures of mass transit and aircraft, lighter and damage-tolerant wind turbine blades, high-temperature composites, replacement of traditional composites using bio-based materials, sustainable composites from renewable resources, conductive polymers for 3D printing, nanotechnology education, magnetic polymers for 3D printing, and nanotechnology safety. 

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Book: NANO SAFETY: What We Need to Know to Protect Our Workers by Dominik Fazarro, Walt Trybula, Jitendra Tate, and Craig Hanks. De Gruyter. ISBN: 978-3-11-03-7375-2. 2017.

Lab Coordinators

Dr. Ray Cook, Director of Engineering Support Services

Jason Wagner, Lab Technician Engineering 

Ruben Villareal, Senior Lab Technician Engineering 

More staff information can be found HERE

Current Students


Esmerehildo Trevino, Ingram School of Engineering

Esmer Trevino obtained his B.S. degree in Manufacturing Engineering at Texas State University in 2012. He is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Engineering. Esmer has been working in the aerospace composite industry full time since 2012.  He is currently a Product Engineer at CFAN where composite fan blades are manufactured for GE Jet Engines. His thesis research is focused on advanced 2.5D needle-punched composites for aerospace applications.

Oluwasola Arigbabowo, Ph.D Material Science and Engineering

Oluwasola received his BS in Materials Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, and MS in Manufacturing Engineering from Texas State University. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization at Texas State University. Oluwasola’s research focuses on the manufacturing and characterization of polymer nanocomposites filaments with multifunctional properties for 3D printed parts used in electrostatic and magnetic applications.


Kyle Johnson, Ingram School of Engineering

Kyle Johnson has fifteen years of industry experience in the design, analysis, and fabrication of composite material structures. He obtained his BS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and he’s pursuing an MS in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Texas State University. His research includes different types of composites materials, structural and computational fluid dynamics, and finite element analyses. Kyle's areas of expertise include hand layup, vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM), compression molding, and filament winding. He has implemented all aspects of SBIR/STTR contracts including successful proposal writing, project management, and engineering task execution.  He has extensive experience in the planning, implementation, and analysis of mechanical and physical testing programs. His research involves the enhancement of damage tolerance within composite rotorcraft structures via interface tailoring.

Camila Belduque, Ingram School of Engineering

Camila received her BS in Aeronautical Engineer from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia and MS in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Texas State University. Camila's MS thesis focuses on the manufacturing and characterization of nylon filaments with magnetic properties for 3D printed magnetic devices. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Material Science, Engineering and Commercialization at Texas State University

Liam Omer, Ingram School of Engineering

Liam received his BS in biomedical engineering from the University of Akron in 2019. He has two years of experience in polymer drug delivery systems research. He is currently pursuing his MS in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Texas State University. Liam’s thesis focuses on manufacturing complex geometric composites for high-temperature environments using additive manufacturing.

Connor Hammond, Ingram School of Engineering

Connor completed his B.S in Engineering Technology at Texas State in 2020. He is currently pursuing a M.S in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Texas State University. He also has experience in electronics manufacturing and engineering design. Connor's M.S thesis focuses on development of a low thermal expansion SLA resin optimized for nickel plating..

Mandesh Khadka, Ingram School of Engineering

BS in Engineering Technology with mechanical concentration, Texas State University

Current: MS in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Texas State University

Research interests: Additive manufacturing, Mechanical design, modeling, and testing of manufacturing systems.


Subash Panta, Ingram School of Engineering

Subash is an undergraduate Manufacturing Engineering student at Texas State University. He works in the Advanced Composites Lab as a Research Assistant. Subash confidently handles most of the instruments in the laboratory, which makes him great help in the different projects developed in the lab at an undergrad and graduate level. He is trained in manufacturing processes such as vacuum infusion molding, compression molding, and extrusion process using single-screw and twin-screw extruders. Subash's research includes analysis of the wettability of fibers and Ragweed/PLA filament composites for 3D printing. After his graduation in December 2022, he wants to work in the manufacturing industry as a composites engineer.

Graduated Students


1. Harishsaiprasad Kallagunta, Ph.D. Material Science, Engineering, and Commercialization. 2020. Surge Power Materials, LLC, San Marcos, TX. 2020-Present. 



MS in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

14. Camila Belduque. 2021. Pursuing Ph.D. Material Science, Engineering, and Commercialization, Texas State, 2021-Present. 

13. Aziza Nahar. 2021. Pursuing Ph.D. Material Science, Engineering, and Commercialization, Texas State, 2021-Present. 

12. Oluwasola Arigbabowo. 2020. Pursuing Ph.D. Material Science, Engineering, and Commercialization, Texas State, 2021-Present. 

11. Robert Brushaber. 2020. Director of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas Research Institute, Austin TX. 

10. Swayam Shree. 2019. Pursuing Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University. Michigan. 2019-Present. 

9. William J. Schneider. 2019. Raytheon, Houston TX.

8. Sagar Navle. 2018. Urban Mining, San Marcos TX.

7. Ryan McDermott. 2018. Verizon, Austin, TX.

MS in Industrial Technology (Manufacturing)

6. Dinesh Kumar. 2016. Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw IN.

5. Andres Alvarez. 2014. 

4. Swapnil Gaikwad. 2012. Quality Manager, Shawmut Corp. Detroit MI.

3. Dmitri Kabakov. 2010. Process Engineer, SCREEN, Oregon.

2. Temi Akinola. 2010. Manufacturing Engineer, National Oilwell Varco. Conroe TX.

1. Srujan Konga. 2009. Computer Programmer, Verizon. 



20. Ethan De La Torre, 2020. Armoetex, San Antonio, TX. 2020-Present.

19. Zane Gooden. 2019. Armoetex, San Antonio, TX. 2020-Present.

18. Elizabeth Alvizo, 2020. 

17. Andrew Alvarez. 2019. Lockheed Martin. 2021-Present

16. Elijah Danielson. 2019. ABB. South Carolina. 

15. Shelby Vasconcellos-Murphy. 2018. Currently pursuing MS in Engineering, Oregon Institute of Technology. Klamath Falls OR.

14. Landon Alexander. 2018. Applied Materials. Austin TX.

13. John Slupsky. 2017. Applied Materials. Austin TX.

12. James Cerda. 2017. Applied Materials. Austin TX.

11. Roger Hernandez. 2016. Q4 Services. Orlando FL.

10. Daniel Slaughter. 2016. Lockheed Martin. Fort Worth TX.

9. Davontae Habbit. 2016. Tesla Gigafactory. Sparks NV.

8. Sergio Espinoza. 2014. FOCUS Business Solutions. Taylor MI

7. Matt Andrews. 2012. Toyota. San Antonio TX.

6. Isidro Rosas. 2012. Mill Reliability Specialist, CMC Steel Texas. Seguin TX.

5. Esmer Trevino. 2012. CFan. San Marcos TX.

4. Ralph Schultz. 2011. Operations Manager, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. Savannah GA.

3. Charles Jacobs. 2011. Plant Manager, Hexion. Springfield OR.

2. Alex Herrerra. 2010. Process Engineer, The Boeing Company. Seattle WA.

1. Dmitri Kabakov. 2008. Process Engineer, SCREEN, Oregon.